It's Not a Floor

We know I don't prefer Kegels (in name or function!) I also don't prefer the word pelvic floor muscles. Because it's not a floor. A floor is a hard, solid, unyielding surface.

I like to think of the pelvic muscles like a jellyfish; dome-shaped, soft and adaptable to the ocean currents.

The pelvic floor must release downward with every inhalation and recoil gently upward with every exhalation. And just like a jelly fish, when we change the pressure within our core, the pelvic muscles respond and yield to the demand. This functional system keeps our pelvic organs supported (and keeps us continent!), provides postural support and helps us maintain good sexual health. To consider it a floor doesn't relate its function.

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Next blog: Your Core Is A Can of Soda which will highlight more about the reflexive core and its function

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