Thoughts on Kegels Being Useless

Want to get back in shape after baby? Do your Kegels.

Want better sex? Do your Kegels.

Want to get rid of your pelvic pain or back pain? Do your Kegels.

Want to stop losing urine when you cough or exercise? DO MORE KEGELS .

What if I told you that Kegels are not a silver bullet exercise and I am a Women's Pelvic Health Physical Therapist? Kegel advice is still being given by doctors, trainers, and magazine articles. How many of you have done what you've been told, with little or no progress? Many of us have been here.

Kegels are an isolated exercise, and may not be effective (read: even useless!) because the pelvic muscles never work in isolation. I prefer to not even use the word Kegel because of the isolating image this projects. I prefer to talk about the reflexive core. It consists of several muscles including the respiratory diaphragm, transverse abdominals and the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles all communicate and coordinate as part of a larger system of core support.

To see the progress we truly want and need, this means shifting our perspective away from isolated exercise and consider the bigger picture of total pelvic health that includes so much more than the pelvic floor. 

All women’s bodies are unique. If you would like to talk about how the above relates to your specific condition, feel free to contact me on FB. If you'd like to read more, you can visit our blog here or our YouTube Channel here.

Next blog: It’s Not a Floor which will highlight more of how the pelvic muscles actually function!