Pelvic Rehab for Mom: Just as necessary as knee rehab for athletes

Seeing a physical therapist after spraining an ankle or sustaining an ACL injury is a fairly common practice for athletes and weekend warriors. There is a fault somewhere in the athlete’s system. It needs some TLC. If the athlete wants to obtain pre-injury level of activity (ie return to football or marathon running), physical therapy is important. Most people would concur, no questions asked.

And then there is diastasis recti, perineal tearing or c-section scarring. And hip pain, low back or SI joint pain. Women have just gone through 9 months of carrying and growing a baby. And the marathon or ultra marathon of labor and delivery. And yet, at our 6 week follow-up (6 weeks!?) we are told all looks good. You can resume life. And for some women, this is true. But for MOST women, it is not.

Many women continue for months (even years!) to experience pain with intercourse, pressure/heaviness in the pelvis, sneeze pee, pain with bowel movements and difficulty restoring pre-baby physical function. There is a fault somewhere in the woman’s system. It also needs TLC. Every woman deserves therapeutic guidance when it comes to reclaiming her body. After all, we wouldn’t blindly let an injured football player figure out his own rehab or even worse let him return to the game without any rehab. WHY SHOULD POSTPARTUM PELVIC REHAB BE ANY DIFFERENT?

I have good news. There is a specialized physical therapist just for you, to help you navigate the aftermath of being postpartum. I believe every woman should see a specialized physical therapist after the arrival of baby (or even before). I believe every woman should know this is even an option. I believe every woman deserves basic education and guidance on postpartum pelvic health. I believe that one day this will be the standard of practice.

All women’s bodies are unique. If you would like to talk about how the above relates to your specific condition, feel free to contact me on FB. If you'd like to read more, you can visit our blog here or our YouTube Channel here.