Medical Therapeutic Yoga Small Group Classes and Private Sessions - Led by Autumn Bonner

Treat yourself to a private or semi-private session catered to your needs. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a decade of yoga instruction experience, including her Professional Yoga Therapist - candidate certification, Autumn will help you practice yoga safely and therapeutically.  We have multiple options to choose from: 

Six week series sessions - $550, maximum of 4 participants.  
- Pelvic Floor Vitality
- Spinal Mobility and Stability
- Balance and Bravery
- Art and Science of Breathing
- Subtle Strength for Upper or Lower Extremities

Individual sessions - $100, maximum of 4 participants
- Let Autumn know your needs and she'll cater the class for you.  

All levels are welcome to schedule. Chairs, props, and walls will be used to make the class accessible for all.

Medical Therapeutic Yoga Workshops - Led by Autumn Bonner

Stay tuned for future workshop offerings. If you’d like to join our yoga email list. Please fill out the information below.

More about our Yoga Services: 

Yoga is an ancient life system of health that promotes ‘union’ and connects body, mind, and breath as one unit, therefore enhancing and promoting an overall balanced lifestyle of health and well-being. When applied with the help of a skilled therapist, it is an ideal tool for resolving acute or chronic injury and states of imbalance. 

Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) is evidence-based practice of yoga in medicine, used exclusively by licensed health care professionals with the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute (PYTI). PYTI is the longest standing international model for clinical and public health education in yogic medicine for licensed medical providers and their assistants.   MTY provides a safe and effective approach, using a biopsychosocial model, that promotes self efficacy and self healing.

With Physical Therapy
Autumn can provide Medical Therapeutic Yoga techniques, when appropriate, as a component of your Physical Therapy evaluation and treatment.

On a Consultation Basis in the form of private and semi-private sessions as well as workshops. 
These services are an out-of-pocket, wellness consultation basis and not meant to diagnosis or treat injury. This may be a good fit for you if:

  • You are already seeing a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or chiropractor for your condition

  • You do not have an injury or condition requiring therapy but would like to improve your knowledge of your body’s needs during a yoga practice

See our YouTube page for additional Medical Therapeutic Yoga resources