It's All About That Pressure

I recently attended a visceral manipulation course and re-learned something REALLY important that pertains to the pelvic PT work we do.

As you can see in my lovely illustration below, high pelvic pressures are attracted to areas of lower pressure (abdomen and lungs) which keeps the pelvic organs pulled UP and in place. You have all seen my balloon model explanation about optimizing pressures and how we can have symptoms if the system is not balanced. One example is how diastasis recti can cause an imbalance in the balloon pressure. 

Interesting point is that a cough is +300 cm H20 and birth is upwards of +500 cm H20. It is no wonder during pregnancy, L&D AND in the postpartum period we have trouble readjusting this pressure system. With support and guidance, we can:

*Protect the pelvic organs (read: reduce/prevent prolapse)

*Re-establish pressure balance to improve tolerance to load (read: sneezing, laughing, running, jumping)

*Eliminate unwanted symptoms (read: peeing your pants!)